Parisans Stetson of Riverridge

Stetson is an awesome 4 year old boy who is craving an active, loving home for him to romp and be the center of attention.  He would be super happy enjoying his new home with another female dog, and is great with other animals in general.  He loves to play and have lots of activities, but is also perfectly happy to chill out and soak up the dog love! 

Stetson is in excellent condition, and his health information can be found Here



Parisans Iron Butterfly of Riverridge

CiCi is an active 4 year old girl who would be a the perfect fit for a family who would love a dog that can participate in an active lifestyle.  She would also make a great family guardian – she looks after her own!  CiCi Loves to chase balls and be part of activities, and of course loves the obligatory belly rubs!

CiCi is very healthy and fit, and her health information can be found Here




If you are interested in Stetson or Cici becoming a family memeber, or would just like more information, please fill out the form below!


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